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                                  U.S. MORGAN SILVER DOLLARS    

Our specialty is in United States Silver type coins, with a strong focus on Morgan Silver Dollars (1878-1904, 1921) The primary portion of our silver dollar inventory is professionally authenticated and graded by the services which have a major market share for numismatic properties.
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1887-S Morgan $1. PCGS MS-64. **$OLD.**
Blazing luster radiates from this above average strike.  A wise choice when considering that MS-65 commands a 400% increase in price.


1878 8TF Morgan $1. VAM 14.
PCGS MS-62. $375.
Although the primary marker of VAM 14 is the die chip on obverse, the variety is as important for the unique A1j reverse die.

1878 8TF Morgan $1.
HOT 50 VAM 14.4. PCGS MS-62. $450.
A perfect example of the conservative grading standard from the early days of PCGS.  The reverse of this variety has the highly prized Deep Mirror Prooflike surfaces.

1878 8TF Morgan $1.
TOP 100 VAM 5. NGC MS-65.
The Finest Known. NGC Pop. 1/0. CALL.                        
The only MS-65 graded VAM 5 at NGC since 2004, with only a single PCGS MS-65 known, and none finer at either service.  A remarkable coin in every aspect. 


1900-O/CC MORGAN $1. 
NGC MS-64. TOP 100 VAM 11.
A better than average strike of this variety, which is one of the more readily noticeable examples of the reverse die with revised mintmark punch.


1885 MORGAN $1. NGC MS-64.
HOT 50 VAM 1C.  $350. 
One of those coins that come along so infrequently which appear to be so obviously undergraded in the existing holder.  Near the top of the condition census for the variety, as an added incentive for the serious collector of die varieties. 


A bright white example of the Carson City, Nevada issue, with reflective fields that highlight the frosty portraits of Liberty and eagle.

1881-O Morgan $1. NGC MS-63
The color coverage on this New Orleans coin is nothing short of extraordinary!  The peripheral ring
of cobalt blue on obverse reminds me of the glow of the cooling water of a nuclear reactor fuel rod pool. The reverse is all aglow in color that looks more like a gold coin with splashes of violet toning.  I have never handled a toned Morgan before with such diverse color from each side! 

1878 7TF Reverse of 1878. NGC MS-64. **$OLD.**
This popular first year of issue is a great launch piece for an above average set of Morgan Dollars. The moderately toned obverse is surrounded by a narrow band of blue at the rims, and an appropriate amount of luster confirms the natural beauty of the patina on both sides.  Attributed as VAM 84 (Dash below 8, B1-long nock reverse).

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